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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 03:11

The Australian Prime Minister Continues To Blackmail On Marriage Equality

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Tony Abbott




Despite his opposition to equal marriage, Prime Minister Tony Abbott plans to hold a plebiscite on the equal marriage issue.

Indeed, a referendum cannot be held in Australia as it was done in Irland because it is not a constitutional law, however, the Australian Prime Minister said in an interview with 2UE radio that he will accept a plebiscite, that is to say that the public will be consulted on the equal marriage issue. If they vote in its favor, Abbott said he will accept marriage equality. Everyone knows that Australians are mostly favorable to equal marriage for a long time.

«Obviously I will accept it wholeheartedly because that’s what you do in a democracy,» he told 2UE radio.

«When the people speak on something which has rightly and properly been entrusted to them, you respect the decision.»

But the plebiscite will be held during his next term, so he must be reelected.

You should know that a few days ago, Abbott refused to his members to vote freely on the marriage equality, several bills will be introduced to parliament, the debate on the first of these should start shortly.


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