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Monday, 15 April 2019 00:48

The Cayman Islands Government appeals the ruling that legalized marriage equality

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After a landmark ruling that legalized marriage equality on the Cayman Islands, LGBTQ couples were disappointed to hear that the Government appealed the decision.

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory in the Caribbean where last year, Chantelle Day and her fiancée Vickie Bodden Bush, had been denied the right to marry. Being a couple of women, they didn’t meet the requirements to get a marriage license.

On March 29, they succeeded when the Court of the Cayman Islands reached a verdict on their behalf, legalizing equal marriage throughout the territory.

Unfortunately, last Wednesday, the Cayman Islands Government seized the Court of Appeal, thus delaying the application of the judgment, as they specifically requested a stay.

“The reaction and lack of leadership from the Cayman Islands Government on this matter of basic human rights has been nothing short of appalling. The types of homophobic abuse that Vickie, I and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community have been subjected to by the elected officials has been shocking and would never happen in any other advanced democratic society.  It’s even more disappointing that the UK stands by and allows this iniquity to continue when they have the power to remedy this instantly,” Chantelle told The Telegraph.

Initially, the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was to push the British overseas territories to legalize marriage equality.

But Johnson preferred to defer to the legal judgment and now we can only see the situation in which LGBT couples in the Cayman Islands are found!

Since then, Boris Johnson has been replaced by Jeremy Hunt. It is hoped that the British Government will be committed to respect the equal rights for LGBT people in the overseas territories, regardless of the Court of Appeal’s ruling.

The Cayman Islands are among the most progressive Caribbean Territories in terms of LGBT equality and I hope this will continue with the legalization of same-sex marriage.


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