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Monday, 17 April 2017 23:03

The CEO of HSBC Taiwan is showing great generosity by replacing the dad of one of his lesbian employees at her wedding

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A nice little story recently happened in Taiwan. Jennifer Chang, who works for the HSBC bank in Taiwan, has run into the refusal of her parents to attend her wedding. Her boss then decided to replace her dad at the ceremony.

Jennifer Chang and her partner Sam Chiu met 11 years ago and kept their relationship secret for the past 10 years. Having planned to marry, they revealed their union with their colleagues, who accepted the news with joy, but their parents opposed this relationship.

Jennifer's parents categorically refused to attend their wedding last November. When the CEO of HSBC Taiwan, John Li, heard that Jennifer's father would not be present to accompany her, he volunteered to walk her down the wedding aisle instead.

HSBC company is rather open to its LGBT employees. The company unveiled a pair of rainbow-colored lion statutes outside its building in Hong Kong to show its support for LGBTQ rights.

Despite strong pressure from anti-LGBT groups, the bank refused to take the statues down.

In any case, it is a very nice gesture on the part of this boss to her lesbian employee.

The good news is that it seems the relationship between the two girls and Jessica's parents is improving a bit. They accepted the presence of Sam, which is already a first step towards an acceptance of their relationship.

Taiwan has not legalized marriage equality, so the couple's wedding is not official yet. We are still waiting that the high court makes its decision on the legalization of marriage equality. The hearing took place at the end of March and it is hoped that Taiwan will become the first Asian country to allow marriage for same-sex couples.

Photo by Phil Edward


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