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Thursday, 28 September 2017 23:47

The decision of a judge has re-legalized "gay cure therapies" in Brazil

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This is very bad news from Brazil. The resolution passed several years ago that prohibited "gay cure therapies" by psychologists was repealed.

Indeed, Judge Waldemar Claudio de Carvalho has canceled the 1999 resolution by the Federal Council of Psychology which before prohibited the "treatment" of homosexuality by psychologists. His decision was taken in a lawsuit filed by Evangelical Christian Rozangela Justino, a psychologist who had been dismissed in 2016 for practicing "gay cure therapies".

The Federal Judge of Brasilia has ruled in favor of this psychologist and therefore in favor of "conversion therapies".

Be aware that the Federal Council of Psychology is challenging the judge's decision. "There is no way to cure what is not a disease," President Rogério Giannini told the Guardian. "It is not a serious, academic debate, it is a debate connected to religious or conservative positions."

David Miranda, one of the openly gay Brazilian politicians, said that this decision was a "big regression to the progressive conquests that the LGBT community had in recent decades."

He also pointed to the fact that Brazil, like many countries in the world, is facing a conservative wave.


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