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Wednesday, 26 March 2014 01:51

The Latest News From Asia, Africa And Australia

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We continue our world tour of the news of these last days, too many to be covered one by one. Today, we interest in the Asia, Africa and Oceania zone.

The International Christian School Of Hong Kong Asks Teachers To Sign A Contract Regarding Homosexual Relationships As A 'Sackable Offence'

In Hong Kong, a Christian school required of these teachers to sign a "morality contract" clearly stating that it refuses gay teachers.

Indeed, teachers of the International Christian School in Sha Tin or those who hope to be hired by the establishment must from now on sign a contract which makes having a gay relationship or living with someone of the same sex outside marriage a sackable offence, as reports The South China Morning Post. The school says it wants to employ "good Christian role models for our students".

The Anglican church of Hong Kong specified that it did not support this kind of practice.

The Reverend Peter Douglas Koon, provincial secretary general for the Anglican Church in Hong Kong, said: "We don't support this policy because it is discrimination. Our Anglican schools [in Hong Kong] would not apply the same rules.

"You cannot assume gay people will promote homosexuality [to pupils]. A teacher should be judged on their professionalism. There are doctors and lawyers and people in many professions who are openly gay. If a judge is gay, we cannot say they would not be a good judge."

Betty Grisoni, co-founder of 'Les Peches', the largest organization lesbian of the city, and of 'Double Hapiness', see below, said: "Many of our members are teachers and sadly many have to keep their sexual orientation hidden from their employers in fear of repercussions on their employment."

To fight against these discriminations in employment, the government modified the Code of Practice and qualifies the discrimination based on sexual orientation as "morally wrong and irrational". But without any obligation to apply it, the discriminatory acts are not ready to stop.

'Double Happiness': A New Group To Push Hong Kong To Legalize Marriage Equality

Also a new group determined to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community of Hong Kong was launched by two gay couples.

Betty Grisoni (again) and Abby Lee, and Guy Ho and Henry Lam, thus launch 'Double Happiness' to push the government of Hong Kong to legalize marriage equality.

An Australian 'Pray The Aay Away’ Therapy Programs To End

And if we spoke about a victory in Australia! One of the largest 'pray the gay away’ therapy programs will closed next month!

Its director Ron Brookman wrote in a letter: "Sadly, it is time to wind up the ministry.

"There is nobody who has been identified, trained, or who is willing to take up leadership… It seems that the Lord is preparing to do something new in bringing healing to the broken. [...]

"The deepest desire of my heart remains: to see the image of God restored in the lives of His people. Wholesome heterosexuality alone reflects God’s image."

It is not the first organization of 'ex-gay' therapies which cease its activity. According to Anthony Venn-Brown, who has been monitoring their activities for almost two decades, they close the ones after the others.

"For the last fifteen years ex-gay ministries have been in decline in this country," he said.

"Participants in these 'change is possible' programs are often emotionally and psychologically damaged.

"It can take years to work through the trauma, shame and self-loathing. Some have even taken their own lives.

"Living Waters’ closure means that Christian people 'struggling with unwanted same sex attraction' will have fewer options and less people will be harmed. But it also means that we have to build bridges to the strugglers to help them reconcile faith and sexuality instead of being told they have to choose one or the other.

"Sadly, for the next twenty years we will no doubt be working with those previously damaged by the out dated message that homosexuality is a sin and God changes gay people to straight."

A Challenge Was Launched Against Nigeria's Anti-Gay Law

A lawsuit has just been brought against the anti-gay law of Nigeria.

Teriah Joseph Ebah, native of Nigeria living in the United Kingdom, launched an attempt at repeal in a federal court of Nigeria. He thus hopes to put an end to persecution and violence against the LGBT community.

The court should hear the case on April 2.

Chile's President Michelle Bachelet Said She Will Push Marriage Equality Again

Last week, Michelle Bachelet became again the President of Chile and she said she will keep her commitment on marriage equality.

Indeed, she had told during her presidential campaign that if she were elected, she would support a legislative effort to legalize the equal marriage in Chile.

At the beginning of the year, the Chilean Senate approved a bill which would already allow a legal contract to obtain certain advantages reserved to married couples.

Ethiopia To Harden Its Anti-Gay Law

After Uganda and Nigeria, it would seem that Ethiopia could pass a law which would harden the law criminalizing homosexuality.

Last week, the Council of Ministers approved a bill which would classify homosexuality in what is non-pardonable and thus criminal. This project would do nothing but reinforce a law already extremely hard and cruel. Currently, homosexual relationships are already illegal and sentenced with up to 15 years of prison.

"The decision to include homosexuality in this bill is simply pure ignorance on the part of the government," said one Ethiopian gay rights activist and blogger. "The rest of the world is decriminalizing homosexuality … because it is now being realized that sexual orientation is a basic human right too. It’s deeply troubling to see Ethiopia opting out of this global consciousness."


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