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Wednesday, 07 May 2014 15:58

The LGBT Community Is Promoted In Santiago Metro Stations

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Chile Movilh


The metro stations of Santiago, the capital of Chile, greet a campaign aiming at showing the LGBT community in the hope of a better acceptance.

Posters showing same-sex couples are thus sticked up through 108 metro stations joining with the Movement for Integration and Homosexual Freedom.

"The metro is a public space and a service used by 2.5 million people. As such, the passengers are very diverse, with different needs and different origins,” said the general manager of the metro in Santiago Ramon Canas.

“To travel is to share a space, to share a moment together, and this is only possible if we respect one another, valuing our differences. We want a better metro, to be better people, a better city.”

Social Development Minister Maria Fernanda Villegas also supported the campaign by hoping that the acceptance of all will be an engine of development for the country.

“Macroeconomic statistics are good indicators, but they are not the most significant for the people,” Villegas said. “With a campaign like this, we are advancing and getting at the heart of what it actually means to build a developed country.”

Photo credit: Movilh Chile


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