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Thursday, 02 June 2016 23:20

The Mexican Congress Is Preparing To Debate The Legalization Of Equal Marriage Nationwide

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While the Mexican Council of the Family is trying to gather the necessary number of signatures to try to change the definition of marriage in the constitution of Mexico and while a new poll shows that equal marriage is now supported by 69% of the Mexican people, the government prepares to debate legalizing marriage for same-sex couples across the country.

We may have good news from Mexico in the coming months. Indeed, President Enrique Pena Nieto said in early May that he wished to amend the Mexican Constitution to legalize equal marriage across Mexico. Remember that at present only eight states and the capital, Mexico City, approved the marriage between same-sex people.

In addition, compared to a poll that was published in 2000 which showed that only 23% of the Mexican population supported the equal marriage, a new poll conducted by Gabinete de Comunicacion Estratégica shows that in the past 16 years attitudes have changed much since now it is 69% of the population who is in favor of the law.

You should know that this poll by Gabinete de Comunicacion Estratégica echoes another one, also conducted this year by BGC-Excélsior, that showed 65% of support for equal marriage.

Note that the Gabinete de Comunicacion Estratégica poll also shows that 63% of respondents regards marriage equality as a step forward in the recognition of human rights.

However, not surprisingly, the opposition will try to block. The Mexican Council of the Family attempts to amend the constitution before the legalization is approved, but the initiative of President Pena Nieto is already at the congress where it will be shortly debated.


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