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Friday, 02 September 2016 22:32

The President Of The Mexican Chamber Of Deputies Attacks The Catholic Church And Urged It To Stay Out Of The Debate On Equal Marriage

Written by 

Jesus Zambrano Grijalva


Following an article written by the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico published on August 14, 2016 entitled "Gay marriage is a false right," Jesús Zambrano Grijalva, the current president of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, attacked the Catholic church urging it not to "trespass on land where it did not belong," ie not to participate in the debate on equal marriage, and even asked the Ministry of the Interior to punish the church for its uncompromising public stance.

The church replied that Grijalva had not spoken as President of the Chamber of Deputies, but as a member of the radical left Party of the Democratic Revolution, the party that may have had a troubled past with repression, violence and anti-Catholicism.

Be aware that the Ministry of the Interior does have the power to limit public positions taken by the Catholic Church since it has the power under the constitution to regulate the bodies which participate in public life and also the relationship between the Federal Government and other institutions as reports Pewsitter.


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