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Friday, 22 July 2016 23:15

The Tanzanian Government Will Maintain Its Marriage Equality Ban

Written by 

amon mpanju


The deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Justice in Tanzania, Amon Mpanju, said that "the government will never entertain recommendations that are contrary with the law of the land and the cultural norms of the society," which obviously means LGBTQ rights.

Last May, Tanzania submitted its report on human rights at the United Nations Human Rights Council. As a result of this report, 227 recommendations were made to Tanzania which adopted 130 of them, held 25 other and rejected 72 as they were going against the Constitution, traditions and customs.

Mpanju said that under no circumstances Tanzania will remove its ban on marriage between same-sex people.

Tanzania is one of those too many countries where homosexuality is illegal and the Penal Code sentences homosexual relationships by imprisonment ranging from 30 years to life imprisonment.


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