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Tuesday, 23 August 2016 23:12

The Tasmanian Government Could Amend The Anti-Discrimination Act To Allow LGBTQ Discrimination

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rainbow tasmania


Back in Tasmania where a few days ago we had great news because, for the first time, the two legislative chambers agreed to support the legalization of marriage equality in Australia and here today we learn that the government wants to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act to allow religious freedom and therefore approve the discrimination of LGBTQ people.

The debate on equal marriage will begin in Australia soon with the holding of a plebiscite on the issue as we already announced several months ago. Tasmania is also preparing somehow this debate, but really in the worst way because it wants to allow some religious freedom, a way of saying to the community LGBTQ they have the equal marriage but in return the believers would have the right to discriminate by religion.

The amendment to the anti-discrimination act will enable religious groups more freedom to speak out against equal marriage, but it will mostly reject any complaints going against this religious freedom, providing an exemption to anti-discrimination if the act is for religious purposes.

For Prime Minister Will Hodgman current laws do not allow a "balance between the right of free speech and the need to protect people from unlawful conduct".

But for Rodney Croome, an LGBTQ advocate in Australia, this religious freedom would only develop hatred under cover a religion: "The Government is saying that humiliating and denigrating other people is wrong, unless it's done in the name of religion," he told ABC.

The bill has not been introduced yet, but it will be soon.


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