Monday, 07 September 2015 22:29

The Ugandan Government Could Regulate Non Governmental Organizations, Reducing Their Freedom

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Hard to imagine that things could still harden in Uganda, yet a bill prohibiting non-government organizations able to speak freely is under consideration in Parliament.

Indeed, the Ugandan government is to turn into real dictatorship, preventing more Ugandans to express themselves and to be represented by groups.

The bill would define «an administrative and regulatory framework within which organizations can conduct their affairs.» A good way for the government to monitor and penalize organizations. Some may continue what they are doing if they follow the rules, while others will be blacklisted. LGBT groups are, in any case, already banned.

This law would be a way to re-criminalize homosexuality after this law was repealed by the Ugandan Supreme Court.

However, the Ugandan President is facing growing opposition in his country. Will it be sufficient for him not be re-elected in the next elections.