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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 23:27

Three trans women join the police force in Tamil Nadu, India

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The police force in Tamil Nadu is about to welcome three trans women as new recruits.

Tamil Nadu is a state in Southern India. From November, the police will have three new recruits who happen to be trans women. Dhakshayini, Prabha Mohan and Jagadeeswaran aka Nazriya successfully passed the selections against fifty other candidates.

Last year, we saw that Prithika Yashini had become the first trans policewoman.

In an interview with The Hindu, Nazriya thanks the state government and expects that other trans police will join the police forces of India. She wants Indian society to accept and support them.

I hope this will help stop the violence against trans people.

Also, know that these three women were so successful during their tests to become a police officer that they were also placed in the Armed Reserve – the force’s top category. Congratulations!


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