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Thursday, 10 November 2016 00:02

Transgender Woman Is Fighting To Get The Right To Have A Gender Reassignment Surgery

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Transgender woman is fighting for the right to have a gender reassignment surgery in Pakistan.

After her application was rejected by Fatima Memorial Hospital in Lahore, a 24-year-old Pakistani woman has filed a petition in the High Court in the city for the right to have this surgery.

"Doctors at Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore have suggested me to immediately undergo surgery for a sex-change. However, the surgeons I approached refused to conduct the required surgical procedure apprehending possible legal action against them as they are not clear about what the law says in this regard. The doctors have advised me to first get permission for the surgery from a court of law," she explains.

In Pakistan, there is no law against this kind of surgery, however, surgeons are quite reluctant to practice them, preventing these women to live in a body that corresponds to their true identity.

We hope that she would succeed in order to fully live her womanhood as she wishes.


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