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Friday, 18 April 2014 21:23

Turkey To Build Gay Prisons

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Turkey is an extremely homophobic country and the government would plan to build prisons only intended for homosexual people.

It would seem that at present certain gay prisoners would be kept in solitary confinement but rather than to make so that everyone cohabits, the government prefers not to face the problem and to separate the prisoners.

As reports SkyNewsSkyNews, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag announced at the weekend that plans were underway to construct separate prisons for openly gay inmates in a bid to 'protect convicts' with different sexual orientations.

'Convicts who stated that they are gay will not mix with other convicts in the communal area or during social activities in the new prison facilities,' Bozdag said in a written answer to a parliamentary question.

'This is a medieval-age practice. This kind of segregation is nothing but a punishment' said Murat Koylu, a spokesman for the Ankara-based gay rights group Kaos GL.

'Instead of creating public areas where people from all sexual orientations can live together, the government has once again chosen to ostracise homosexuals,' he said.

'This will lead to the profiling of gay prisoners, as well as their families and the prison itself. How will the government be able to protect those prisoners who are not openly gay?'


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