Friday, 28 February 2014 17:34

Two Bills To Legalize Marriage Equality Were Introduced In Australia

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Ready for new battles in Australia? A bill to allow marriage equality passed a first obstacle in the Western Australia state Parliament.

Just like the United States, Australia is divided into territories or states having their own laws, and then there are the federal laws.

Liberal Party’s President of the Legislative Chamber indeed ruled that the Same-Sex Marriage Equality Bill, which had been introduced last year by Greens Member of the Legislative Council Lynn MacLaren, is not withdrawn.

MacLaren thinks that her bill could survive a challenge in a court contrary with the one which had been passed in Canberra and which was repealed afterwards by the Supreme Court of Australia.

"(House’s) ruling means that the state can properly consider adopting same-sex marriage, if successful WA will become the first Australian state to pass same-sex marriage legislation that is better built to resist a High Court challenge," MacLaren said.

"I have worked with constitutional lawyer George Williams and other stakeholders on the issue to ensure that this bill has the best chance of surviving. My fantastic team have ensured this state bill does not contravene with federal legislation."

But that's not all! Apart from the fact that a marriage equality bill was introduced in the Western Australia, another bill, a federal one, is about to be introduced too.

According to ABC, Labor will introduce a private members bill aimed at legalising gay marriage, in a move designed to pressure Prime Minister Tony Abbott into deciding on whether Government MPs will be allowed a conscience vote.

This bill will be introduced during this year and probably in little time.

"Marriage equality's time has well and truly come," Plibersek, who will introduced this bill, said in a statement.

"The proposal for this bill follows the High Court's confirmation that 'marriage' in the Australian Constitution includes a marriage between persons of the same sex."