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Tuesday, 03 June 2014 00:49

Two Queensland Lesbian Moms To Be Recognized On Their Children's Birth Certificates

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A first had taken place in Australia, and in particular in Queensland, where the name of a sperm donor will be replaced by the second mom on a birth certificate. 

A lesbian couple had brought the case in a court to see their names registered on the birth certificate of their children and to be thus legally recognized as their parent.

Because of the old law that protect the children, the second mom was not recognized.

The Supreme Court of Brisbane wrote that their children were conceived through artificial insemination before the Surrogacy Act 2010 is commenced.

Also, the biological mother had registered the donor's name as a second relative not to lose her social security benefits which are not the same ones if one is a single parent.

Add to that the fact that the sperm donor, who is not supposed to have contact with the children, did not want to see his name removed.

Fortunately, the judge ruled in favour of the couple and ordered that the donor's name is replaced by the second mother.

"The register will now accurately reflect the correct parents for the children and the true nature of the relationship between (the couple)," she said in her written judgment.


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