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Thursday, 23 June 2016 23:19

Two Students With Lesbian Relatives Suffer Homophobia Of Their Teacher

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edmonton catholic school


Two students with lesbian moms have faced homophobia of their religion teacher in a Catholic school in Edmonton, Alberta.

Indeed, the religion teacher has told the class that homosexual people could not have children and that their marriages were not recognized according to Catholic teaching. Following these homophobe remarks, both brothers Tayler and Tyrus Allen complained to the school principal and the Edmonton Catholic school board temporarily removed the teacher pending the results of an internal investigation.

In an interview with the Edmonton Journal, one of the moms of the two brothers said she had advised her children to talk about this with the school principal because, although she is aware that the Catholic Church does not recognize her marriage, she cannot "accept that such overt anti-gay messages being taught." Besides the newspaper also states that most students in this class were not in agreement with the words of their teacher at all.

"It got me fairly angry. In these times, we should be able to accept that homosexuals do exist and they should be able to marry and do the same thing that straight couple do. It was very alarming," said a student.

Religion teacher Albert Felicitas, has, meanwhile, said he was only following the directives of the Canadian Catholic bishops. He also tried to minimize a little by saying that "everyone is made for love and to be loved and everyone is capable of love, no matter what gender choice you have". He also added that the whole story stemmed from a misunderstanding. Students told that Felicitas had pretty harsh words against abortion too, even in cases of rape.

This case took place just a few weeks ago, the investigation within the establishment is apparently over, but the establishment refuses to communicate the results. We therefore assume that the teacher will not be worried and will regain his position.


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