Tuesday, 01 November 2011 18:09

Ugandan Anti-Gay Group Opposes Anti-Gay Law

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A homophobe group of Uganda is opposed to 'Kill the gays' bill which it considers "unrealistic and also diversionary."

The National Coalition Against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuse in Uganda (NCAHSA) said that the new law suggested was unnecessary because there were enough instruments to deal with the issue as reports an Associated Press.

"Such MPs do not know what to do," said the group's leader, Pastor Solomon Male, "That bill is ill conceived. It cannot deal with homosexuality challenges in the country."

As the Penal Code already sentence of 14 year of jail for people convicted of practicing homosexuality, he said the death penalty is "useless".

"In Uganda the last time someone sentenced to death was killed was in 1999. Many of those sentenced to death for various offences are not killed."





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