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Ugandan 'Kill The Gays' Bill Is Back

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Several months ago, I spoke about Uganda and its government's bill 'Kill The Gays' but, after the international pressure, people stopped to speak about it and we thought this project of law was dead. Unfortunately, the law is of the topic again and should be voted Friday. It's time for us again to put the pressure.

"This diversion won't work," guarantees the militant writing the blog GayUganda, "because the citizens of Uganda are quite simply more anxious of the rise of the prices of food, and human rights. Their homophobia is a reflex that the government wants to use, but it won't work."

A first session had took place on May 9th and the vote is planned for Friday.

The debate was already deferred because of the pressure of countries (United States, United Kingdom,…), of organizations (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International), of religious leaders, of LGBT groups and because of the petitions posted on Internet.

All Out launched on May 11th its petition and received 450,000 signatures, the vote was push back of 2 days.

It is necessary to continue to sign this petition. Don't hesitate to share this with your friends, on facebook, twitter, ...

It is very important, this law will condemn to death Ugandan LGBTs.

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