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Wednesday, 04 July 2018 00:47

UN expert warns about the poverty of LGBT people in Ghana

Written by 

Phillip Alston


UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Phillip Alston, is extremely concerned about the situation of LGBT people in Ghana.

He urges the government of this African country to decriminalize homosexual relationships to protect LGBT citizens. They face discrimination and abuse in their public life, but also in their families.

In April, while Phillip Alston was visiting Ghana, he noted that “stigmatization and discrimination make it impossible for [LGBT] individuals to become productive members of the community when disclosure of their sexual orientation is likely to lead to them being thrown out of their jobs, schools, homes, and even their communities.”

He realized that the law that criminalizes homosexuality contributes to the development of violence against LGBT people. They are discriminated against in employment, in services, in education, and even in health. And that has dramatic consequences. Some LGBT people told Human Rights Watch that this lack of work sometimes forces them into prostitution to earn a living.

A Ghanaian lesbian said: “The government should recognize that we are human beings, with dignity, not treat us as outcasts in our own society.

“We want to be free, so we can stand tall in public – this will make it easier for us to get an education, learn a trade, get jobs and be useful and productive Ghanaians.”

UN special rapporteur Phillip Alston is concerned about the situation of LGBT people in Ghana, so do we.


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