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Thursday, 21 January 2016 23:53

Vietnam Is Lagging Behind In The Fight Against Bullying Of LGBTQ Students

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Last year, we rejoiced to learn that Vietnam had legalized marriage equality, but despite the abolition of the ban on marriage equality by the government, the Vietnamese LGBT community is affected by acts of discrimination and bullying in schools, and this is very worrying.

The law allowing marriage for same-sex couples recently entered into force and many LGBTQ couples planned to marry. Vietnam then seemed ahead compared to other Asian countries.

However, several months later, this "legalization" does not bring more recognition than before because the Vietnamese legislators don't allow the recognition of such unions and provide no legal protection.

In addition, according to a UNESCO report on bullying based on sexual orientation and gender identity that was conducted in 2015, half of the LGBT Vietnam students are seriously stigmatized in their schools. Some even told that this stigma was made by school staff.


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