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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 16:42

What Will Happen During The Gay Pride In Seoul Aka The Korea Queer Festival?

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Despite the pressure of Christian organizations and despite the police ban, the LGBT community of Seoul decided to maintain the organization of the Gay Pride scheduled for late June.

In fact, religious organizations announced that they had planned to organize a march exactly in the path of the Korea Queer Festival, the same day and at the same time of course.

Then, instead of favoring the parade scheduled first, the police banned the Gay Pride. Nevertheless, its organizers announced not wanting to give up and plans to parade through the streets of Seoul.

More than 20,000 people were expected, we'll see how all this will unfold.

«The police should protect freedom of expression rather than to be the accomplice of those who seek to gag it. The parade will take place, ban or not,» said Woo Ji-Young, director of the organizing committee.

Recently, Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon had promised to include LGBT people in a human rights charter. He did it, the text is actually written, but under the pressure of religious organizations, he has still not signed it.


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