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Thursday, 13 September 2018 23:03

Will Singapore decriminalize homosexual relationships?

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After India decriminalized homosexual relationships, a diplomat calls on the LGBT community in Singapore to challenge the same ban.

Tommy Koh, the country’s former UN ambassador, encourages our community to challenge the constitutionality of Article 377A. It criminalizes male-to-male relationships with up to two years in prison. The law doesn't apply to women. It's a bit special but it's like that in Singapore.

The previous court challenge took place in 2014 and unfortunately, it failed. A spokesman for PinkDot, an LGBT rights group in Singapore, said he was informed that it was not up to courts but to parliament to change a law.

Home Affairs and Law Minister Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam also mentioned the possibility of repealing the law without taking action.

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Ipsos conducted a survey in late July - early August with people between 15 and 65 to find out what they think about the criminalization of homosexuality in Singapore.

By a slight majority (55%), Singaporeans support the law while 12% oppose it, and 33% was neither for nor against it.

“Singapore… on this issue, it is a deeply split society. The majority oppose to any change to section 377A—they are opposed to removing it,” Shanmugam said according to Channel NewsAsia. “A minority—I have to say, a growing minority—want it to be repealed. The government is in the middle.”

Ok, the government is in the middle, but the question is: what is the government planning to do?

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