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Friday, 09 December 2016 23:30

Will Taiwan Legalize Marriage Equality Or Give In To Pressure From Religious Opponents?

Written by  E-Li



The Progressive Democratic Party and the Conservative Party have introduced before the national legislature bills to legalize the equal marriage and adoption for same-sex couples in Taiwan.

After a first attempt in 2004-2005 to pass marriage equality that had failed, this time, Taiwan could approve the law, in particular because both the party of President Tsai Ing-wen and the opposition party (KMT) are in favor of such a law since they both introduced a marriage equality bill.

However, there remains the religious obstacle. Mid-November, as reported by The EconomistThe Economist, as the legislature was reviewing the draft marriage equality laws, some 10,000 protesters converged outside; some broke through the gates to stage a sit-in in the courtyard. Mainly Christians, they knelt and prayed, warning that the proposed laws were not only an affront to religion but would also promote promiscuity.

The legislature then agreed to hold public hearings on the issue, and although Taiwanese opinion polls show a large majority in favor of equal marriage, economic concerns are at the center of their discussions, far more than equality between couples.

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