Friday, 31 May 2013 23:41

Woman Detained By Maiti Nepal To Change Her Sexual Orientation

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Apparently a Nepalese woman was retained captive by the group Maiti Nepal because it would have wished to change her sexual orientation.


Maiti Nepal is a group which fights against human trafficking in Nepal and it fights in particular to save girls who are trafficked into India's lucrative sex industry. This group is supported by celebrities like British actress Joanna Lumley and American actress Demi Moore.


According to AFP, a lawyer said that Nepal's Supreme Court has accused Maiti Nepal of detaining Rajani Shahi, 30, against her will so she could undergo counselling for being a lesbian.


It would seem that at the beginning, Shahi wanted to leave her husband to go to live her life as a lesbian.


Her husband not wishing to divorce petitioned Nepal's National Women's Commission to get her back. Then, the group Maiti Nepal would have detained Shahi "to change" her sexual orientation following a request from this Commission.


Members of a lesbian organization in Nepal said that nobody could contact Shahi. The young woman would have been detained by the group during 50 days.


However, in this case, it's like nobody is responsible. The group said it acts under the orders of the Commission which denies its implication even if it was contacted at the beginning by the husband.


But the most important is that Rajani has been released.