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Tuesday, 31 October 2017 22:25

Women pay tribute to a lesbian couple arrested for holding hands

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melbourne lesbian couple


Women paid tribute to a lesbian couple who had been arrested for holding hands. This arrest for "obscene behavior" took place on a tram in Melbourne, Australia in 1976. Fortunately, things have changed in forty years.

To pay this tribute, Celebrate Ageing, a group of women, met in Melbourne's trams to hold hands.

Catherine Barrett, organizer and director of Celebrate Ageing, said that it was very moving:

"We had 20 lesbian elders board the tram, and a group of LGBTI community members come to send us off.

"We also had a number of straight folks who heard about the project and wanted to come along to show their support.

"This was very moving and brought a number of us to tears."

She also added that women were still afraid to hold hands in public, by fear of people's reactions. Some of these women were straight.

In any case, it was a very nice tribute.


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