The officials of California granted the right to the opponents of the FAIR Education Act (bill which include the LGBT history in schools program) to collect the signatures necessary to repeal the law.

 Rose diaries

While waiting for the third season of the web series Out With Dad, the story continues with the launching of video diaries.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 01:20

Golden Globe Awards

The Kids Are All Right, Jane Lynch and Natalie Portman won Golden Globe awards.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011 01:10

Reality Spin-Off Of Glee

The reality project of Glee, produced by Ryan Murphy its cocreator, will be diffused in June.




Ilene Chaiken, creator of The L Word, has a new project. «Rhodes to Recovery» is a new TV show for CBS developed by Chaiken.

Friday, 07 January 2011 16:20

Pauley Perrette: 'NoH8'

Pauley Perrette noh8






Pauley Perrette, who plays in NCIS, showed her support for NoH8.

Monday, 07 March 2011 17:06

Sydney Gay Mardi Gras Parade

The 34th Gay Mardi Gras Parade of Sydney has took place in Australia and it was quite simply amazing! Tens of thousands people came to march in the streets and also to protest against the prohibition of the gay marriage.


Friday, 12 November 2010 01:17

The First Gay Movie In Malaysia




In Malaysia, where homosexuality is still a taboo, the first gay movie hits theaters in February.


The Syrians are fighting for their equality and freedom against their gouvernment who kills many people. A young lesbian, Amina Araf, was kidnapped in the streets of Damas and we still don't know what happened to her.

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