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State Reublican David Bates, sponsor of a law to repeal gay marriage in New Hampshire, said to want to repeal the marriage but would replace it with civil unions. Who cares about your civil unions!

gay propaganda

A few months ago, I spoke about this "gay propaganda" law which had been adopted in St Petersburg in Russia. This project of law is not only signed but it could be extended to all Russia. It is at least what wish the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 12:33

PETITION : Don't Let The Bullies Win!

katy butler bully



With the support of Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Butler currently obtained over 296.000 signatures so that a film on bullying in schools can be seen by students under 17 years old because, oddly, this film was prohibited to them.


Jennifer Beals will produce an independent film which is called "The Lord of Vinyl" in which she will also play a post office worker. The actress could also play in Castle again.


After wanting to give up politics, frustrated by Republicans blocking all her attempts to fight against LGBT discrimination, an openly lesbian senator announced her candidacy for congress.



It would seem that in Malta, a bill which could include civil unions for gay and lesbian couples will be introduce to the Parliament.



Pope Benedict XVI once again condemned the gay marriage, this time it was during a speech to bishops from the United States.


The play, "8", recounts the proceedings which we all know under the name of Proposition 8.

Wrote by Dustin Lance Black (scriptwriter of the films Harvey Milk and J Edgar) and staged by Rob Reiner, it was played at the beginning of March in Los Angeles by an amazing cast: Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison (Glee), George Clooney, Matt Bomer, Chris Colfer, Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis, John C. Reilly (Chicago), Kevin Bacon, George Takei (Star Trek) and Brad Pitt playing the openly gay Judge Vaulghn Walker and the list continues.

As they wanted that a lot of people can watch it, they uploaded the play on Youtube and here it is! 


A city in Michigan celebrates the 40th birthday of the anti-discrimination based on sexual orientation law.

Thursday, 08 March 2012 19:02

73% Of Irish Support Gay Marriage


In Ireland, a study shows that almost all the population supports marriage equality.

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