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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 16:15

VIDEO: 'Human Nature' by Uh Huh Her

Camila grey human natureLeisha hailey human nature

Uh Huh Her has just released a new clip for the song Human Nature. This very rural clip puts in scene two characters who represent the human nature: the good and the evil. The good, played by Leisha Hailey, finds the evil at the end of the clip, played by Camila Grey, to form the human nature. Enjoy the view on Leisha's boobs!

amendment 1 ad

Two new ads try to show to the population of North Carolina that to reject gay marriage would be a bad thing for their children, for straight women and straight unmarried couples.

sarkozy hollande

We know from now on two final candidates for the presidential elections in France: François Hollande vs. Nicolas Sarkosy, one in favor and the other against more rights for the LGBT community.

Monday, 23 April 2012 16:24

Is Adele Our New Icon?


GaydarRadioGaydarRadio launched a poll to know who is the new gay icon and this year, the new gay icon is Adele!

Thursday, 19 April 2012 16:13

Wildrose Candidate's Anti-Gay Blog Post


A Canadian candidate of the party Wildrose could be fired after his anti-gay remarks on a blog.

court budapest

Good news for Budapest! The Court of Budapest cancelled the prohibition of the police concerning the Gay Pride March who will thus take place on July 7th.


frankie cat preview 201

Still 3 days before the season 2 of Lip Service is aired on BBC3. 3 days and a new preview of the first episode with Frankie... and Cat... alone in the toilets...

 homophobia study

Is homophobia expressed by people who don't accept their homosexuality? It is an interesting question. We often jokes when we read homophobe remarks, we often say the person is gay but does not accept it.

A study gives answers concerning the origin of homophobia: parenting and sexual orientation.




The US Presbyterian Church recently opened ordination to LGBT people and last Sunday, Katie Ricks, first openly lesbian candidate, was ordained.


Saudi Arabia decided to prohibit gays and tomboys the access to schools and universities of the government.

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