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anonymous hacked uganda pm website

The activist group Anonymous is back in the fight for equal rights. This time, Ugandan government websites (Prime Minister and Justice Law and Order Sector websites) were the targets of the group following their anti-gay policies.

Tucky Williams 2


Tucky Williams releases episode 2 of Girl/Girl Scene Season 2 and will also be hosting an exclusive Live video chat.

all the pretty cars


All The Pretty Cars releases the video of their new single 'Need A Girl'.

democratic party

That is there! The Democratic Party‚Äôs Committee officially includes marriage equality in its Platform.


A new battle for gay marriage right begins in Nevada. Last Friday, a federal judge of Nevada decided to hear arguments of a pro-gay group which is opposed to the ban of marriage equality in the state.

 nadine morano 2

It's incomprehensible, well, almost when it is about Nadine Morano. Last week, she said she did not share the idea of His Lordship Vingt-Trois who whish to pray against LGBT rights for the Assumption, however, by her Twitter, Morano wrote this time-here that she shares the message.

Thursday, 09 August 2012 18:07

The Real L Word: Episode 305 '#305' Previews

kacy cory episode 305


Ready for the episode 5 of The Real L Word? In this episode, the ladies prepare for Dinah Shore weekend. Watch the 2 previews released by Showtime.

real l word season 3 cast


In the epiode 4 of The Real L Word, Whitney and Sara plan to announce they are engaged to Sara's parents but how will they react? Kacy and Cori are ready to leave their house. Lauren and Amanda are in New York and meet Kiyomi, Laura and Vero who are back in the city after their tour. Still no sex scenes in this episode but don't worry Laura found a solution.

melissa etheridge

Melissa Etheridge, invited on VH1 to speak about her new album, 4th Street Feeling, which will be released on September 4th, also spoke about Chick-Fil-A.


Nadine Morano, ex-minister, said she doesn't support the action of the cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois who asked his faithful to pray against the right of adoption for gay and lesbian couples on August 15th (Assumption).


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