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real l word season 3 cast


In this episode 2 of the season 3 of The Real L Word, Hunter Valentine starts the tour but what starts well continues badly, Lauren wants Amanda only for her, Romi is always Romi, Whitney lies, makes up stories, plans and finally…

Wednesday, 25 July 2012 16:10

Hate Crime Against A Lesbian In Nebraska

we found u dyke

What's going on? In less than a week, two lesbians have undergoes a crime of hatred. One in Kentucky and one in Nebraska after Texas' hate crime.

chinese dictionary

The committee charged with updating the Chinese dictionary has omitted the homosexual definition of the word "tongzhi" often used to refer gays and lesbians.

Monday, 23 July 2012 18:11

Liberian Senate Banned Gay Marriage


Unanimously, the Liberian Senate opposed the legalization of gay marriage.

lisa cholodenko


Lisa Cholodenko, who directed The Kids Are Allright, was elected members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

whitney preview episode 302


Tomorrow, the second episode of the season 3 of The Real L Word 'Leap Of Faith' will be aired on Showtime but in the meantime, here two previews of this new episode.

real l word season 3 cast


Our screencaps recaps of "The Real L Word" are back for season 3 and so here's the first episode they decided to call, for some reason that escapes me, "apples and oranges" and I prefer to call it "two surprises and a banana" because yes, there is a banana.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012 16:10

Mary Kristene Chapa Leaves Hospital


Mary Kristene Chapa has finally left hospital.

mitt romney naacp houston

Mitt Romney, Republican candidate to U.S. presidential elections, asked the African-American voters to oppose marriage equality in his speech during a convention of NAACP in Houston.

university louisiana

A LGBT minor has just been created as option at the University of Lousiana which will be available for the students this past spring semester thanks to sociology professor DeAnn Kalich, Ph.D.


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