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budapest gay pride 2012

Budapest Gay Pride took place this weekend without violences in spite of the mayor and many threats.

rainbow flag cabinet office

It is a premiere in London! A rainbow flag flew on a governmental building, the Cabinet Office, to celebrate the World Pride.

judge Vanessa Bryant

A group of republicans, the House Republican-controlled Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG), requested for a stay of proceedings for a case challenging the Defense of Marriage Act but failed.


In two lawsuits which claim that the prohibition of gay marriage in Illinois is unconstitutional, two county clerks were allowed to defend this prohibition.

 pink dot singapore 2012


Singapore broke a record this weekend! More than 15.000 people gathered during the Pink Dot in Hong Lim Park whereas homosexuality is always regarded as a crime.

pink blow me one last kiss


P!nk announced us two weeks ago her new single 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' will be released on July 9th but you can already listen it. What do you think?

jean francois cope

UMP confirms its opposition to gay marriage through its leader Jean-François Copé during an interview on the radio RTL.


Reverend Oliver White will not be able to keep his church opened but thinks to open another one.

Laura Fraser


Laura Fraser, the actress who played Cat in Lip Service, will play in the season 5 of Breaking Bad.

us supreme court

This is official, Republicans decided to spend a lot of money during the crisis to defend DOMA as Nancy Pelosi confirms: they decided "to waste more taxpayer funds to advance a position rejected by four different courts and to defend discrimination and inequality before the highest court in the land."


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