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european parliament

The European parliament adopted a resolution which condemns anti-gay laws in Europe. Countries like Russia, Ukraine were called to fight against discrimination.


A petition was launched requiring of to change the definition of 'marriage' in order to include gay and lesbian couples.

Aimee Whitchurch Christel Conklin

Last year, Aimee Whitchurch and Christel Conklin said they were victims of a crime of hatred. The police of Colorado investigated and conclued they lied.

out with dad 208


During a pause at the PFLAG sharing meeting, Claire seems interested by Rose.

brazil flag

The civil unions are almost possible in Brazil.

Lip Service saison 2


It is already the end of Lip Service. After only 6 episodes, the season 2 is already finished. Why lesbian series only have each time just a few episodes? Look, while waiting for this evening, here an extract of this last episode.

gov cuomo

Governor Cuomo decided that cyber-bullying will be one of his top priorities.

pastor charles worley

If you are available on May 27th, a demonstration will take place in North Carolina to protest against the absolutely intolerable remarks of Pastor Charles Worley who wants to isolate all the LGBTQ people in camps to cause our extermination.

buenos aires

If you want to marry in Buenos Aires, it is from now on possible.


Joyce Banda became the new president of Malawi and asked the Parliament to repeal the ban of homosexuality.


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