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A few months ago, we discovered with horror ecuadorian clinics in which lesbians were tortured. Then, we learned that they were to be closed by the government. Today, nothing was done. The government did not closed the clinics which continue to torture lesbians.

christine quinn

New York could for the first time have a lesbian mayor because Christine Quinn leads to replace the current mayor of the city Michael Bloomberg.

greys anatomy season 8


But how will finish this season 8 of Grey's Anatomy? We know that in the finale episode, following an air crash, one of the main character will die. Will it be Arizona, Meredith, Christina, Lexie, Mark or Derek?



Today, we sort of celebrate (I would prefer that this day does not exist) the annual International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) but why this day is so important?

zoran milanovic

The croatian government could pass more rights for gay and lesbian couples.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:22

Amber Heard Will Play In Machete Kills




Amber Heard will play soon in a new film with Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba.


chile congress

Last month, the congress of Chile passed the anti-discrimination law to protect LGBT people but as I had then specified, it remained the approval of the final version so that this law is completely adopted. Finally, a few days ago, the congress passed the anti-discrimination law after 7 years of discussion.

Out with dad 207


Out With Dad is of return for the continuation of the season 2. Remember Rose had finally succeeds in coming out but following that, her father had done THE mistake by outing her daughter while he was speaking with the mother of Vanessa, who does not have the right to see Rose anymore. Following that, Rose was in anger afterwards her father. This is now finished and Rose and her dad try to understand each other going to a PFLAG sharing meeting.

tess lip service


The series of monologues continues with this time, Tess who tells us about her and Katie, the daughter of one of her mother's friends who was straight but needed to practice kissing before she went on a date with a boy.

Tomorrow, we will be able to watch the episode 4 of Lip Service but here already an extract of this new episode.

Wednesday, 09 May 2012 22:13

Obama Supports Marriage Equality


Historic moment in United-States! President Obama officially supports marriage equality, after months and months of waiting and whereas some LGBT activists had decided not to donate more in the campaign of the candidate president going even until saying that they would not vote for him following his refusal to sign the bill against LGBT discrimination in employment.


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