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The things evoluate a little bit in Serbia, a man has just been sentenced after he wrote anti-gay threats on Facebook.

Annise Parker

Openly lesbian Houston mayor, Annise Parker, asks President Obama "to evolve a little bit faster" on gay marriage.


Christian Vanneste still did not recover from his ousting of UMP. In a letter to the chief of the UMP deputies, Christian Jacob, it warns against "the gay proliferation" within the party.

Recently, Christian Vanneste was fired of the political party UMP after having said that the internment of homosexuals from France was only a legend. For him this ousting is only a media operation organized by UMP and especially by pro-gay organizations, this is why he addressed a letter to the chief of the UMP deputies to warn them.

He writes: "My interventions on homosexuality are rare, much less hard than some of our friends. They are founded on historical, psychological, anthropological knowledges" but invariably cause "a censure, which tends to prohibit me from evoking the subject, undoubtedly because of the relevance of my remarks."

What a modesty! Of course, he will never think that it is perhaps not relevant but completely stupid and false.

He continues in his letter: "This police of the thought is intolerant and thus intolerable. It reigns however in our rows.

"In proportion of the militants of the cause who, by co-option, proliferate there. You should take care more."

According to thefreedictionnary, co-opt means to neutralize (an independent minority, for example) through assimilation into an established group.

lighthouse logo

Chely Wright and the organization Like Me will open a first Like Me Lighthouse in Kansas City on March 10th.

Many celebrities as well as a concert will be organized for this day of opening.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 23:16

Three Lesbian Women Arrested In Cameroon


About ten young women were arrested in Cameroon accused to be lesbian. Three of them will be judged the next week.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 22:16

Lip Service Series 2: Coming Soon

lip service


We are still waiting to be able to follow the adventures of Frankie, Cat, Tess and Sam in Lip Service and even if currently there is no date, the BBC on the Twitter account of the show wrote:

"We will be announcing a date for #LipService2 as soon as we have one! I promise you'll hear it here first. It's soon. Only weeks away."

Thursday, 23 February 2012 18:29

Lawsuit Against Hawaii Gay Marriage Ban

hawaii flag

Gay marriage ban in Hawaii could be overturned following a complaint of a lesbian couple.



Kate Moennig joined the cast of a new very gay-friendly series, "Ray Donovan," in which she will play a lesbian.


Imagine what was my surprise when I read that the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, had a dinner with some gay and lesbian couples.


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