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Friday, 12 August 2011 16:22

61% Of Scots Support Gay Marriage


According to a study, 61% of Scots support gay marriage.


And here is the last episode of The Real L Word season 2.

We had girls back together as a couple, new careers, new goals, new projects to launch.

We had hot sex scene in a shower or behind trees (oops I do not have the keys of the car), we had battles full of chocolate, coming-out without sake….

We had answers to some of our questions (Will Romi launch her jewels company? Will Cori and Kacy get pregnant? Is this really finished between Sajdah and Chanel? With which ex Whitney will end the season?, ...), even if, unfortunately, some questions will not had an answer.

Here a recap of this episode 209 to close this season 2 of The Real L Word.

In Czech Republic, Petr Hájek, a scientist, is opposed to the Gay Pride of Prague and regards the gays and lesbians as "deviating citizens", anti-gay remarks that President Vaclav Klaus supports.

out with dad 107


So last week, Rose was not feeling very well after a party during which Vanessa told her she cannot be with her. Will Rose give up? I'm pretty sure she won't after this.

Friday, 05 August 2011 16:48

Gay Marriage Consultation Delayed In UK

Finally, it will be in Autumn and not during the Summer that a consultation will be held by the British government concerning gay marriage and civil unions.

Thursday, 04 August 2011 16:23

Love Equally Campaign Launched


In Scotland, the youth parliament launched a Love Equally campaign.


The commissioner of the Human Rights Council of Europe, Thomas Hammarberg, asks the governments to protect LGBT people against hatred and discrimination.


This week, we address an award of heroism for two lesbians which did not hesitate to risk their own lives to save some others during the drama which happened in Norway.



The season 2 is almost over. Yes, the next episode will be the last one. But let's be back on this episode 8 full of surprises. We finally discover the mysterious mother of Sajdah.

Rachel and Whitney have lunch. No, not this kind of moment you are thinking about ;)

Another couple broke up. And the end...the end was...surprising, unexpected, interested.


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