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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 15:47

A Lesbian Organization Asks For A Rating System Of Books In Hong Kong Public Libraries

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Joseph Nicolosi preventing homosexuality


The Hong Kong lesbian organization "Les Peches" would like a warning is indicated on the books available in public libraries.

Following the availability of a book written by Joseph Nicolosi that encourages parents to "prevent" homosexuality in their children, LGBT rights associations are asking the government to put in place a rating system on the books.

"The widespread virulent prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping against sexual minorities [in] publications directly promoting homophobia should be carefully handled by public libraries.

"This could mean that such publications should perhaps carry a disclaimer," Betty Grisoni, co-founder of "Les Peches" told The South China Morning Post.

Even the opponents of marriage equality have estimated that books should not be available to anyone.

"We worry they don't have the maturity or the sense to recognise normal things," Liberal Party district councillor Peter Shiu Ka-fai said.

I must say that books about gay and lesbian families also exist.

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