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Wednesday, 23 February 2011 15:24

A New Book Wants To Cure Homosexuality

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It is not today that we won't hear anymore of these bulls**** saying that Jesus can treat homosexuality.  A new book is talking about the subject.

Marion, Candian author, just published her book “Where is your Brother?” in the U.K. with Crossbridge Books, which proposes books with Christian topics most of the time.

This book tells the story of Ryan, who leaves his wife and his children to be with Tony. But Tony will have a "dramatic experience" which will push him “to avoid his homosexuality”.

In an interview, the author said that she is " expecting homosexual people to object to the idea that Tony can be cured of his homosexual tendencies. We want them to read the book and find out more about the healing power of Jesus. A lot of people have been led astray and the present attitude is almost claiming that it is normal. Some seem to be born that way, but a lot of psychiatrists say it is a result of our environment. I know Jesus can heal them.”

David Allison of OutRage! said: “Frankly, this is the latest of a number of books written by people who can’t get it into their thick skulls that being gay is not an illness, an ailment or something to cure. Christians in particular are worried as science moves towards seeing being gay as a genetic thing – they are running out of ammunition. If science says this, Christians cannot say ‘you are evil’ because it’s something you’re born with, like your skin colour. It’s just nonsense. The book will have its moment of fame and then disappear into the remainder shelves in the bookshop. Most people have finally got the message that being gay is like having blue eyes or brown hair – it’s something you can’t change.”


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