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Monday, 29 June 2015 17:13

Book Review: "The Birds That Never Flew" By Margot McCuaig

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The Birds That Never Flew




«The Birds That Never Flew» by Margot McCuaig is a book that will not leave you indifferent, both for its hardness as the fight of the women in question.

«The Birds That Never Flew» tells the story of two women who, after suffering serious violence, try to rebuild their lives. Many difficulties will then get in the way, the tragedy cannot be avoided, leading Elisabeth to scrupulously plan her revenge. But whereas she approaches her target, a woman, an almost divine beauty, appeared before her.

«The Birds That Never Flew» is a book both dark and moving. Some lighter passages even bring a touch of humor, you will find yourself loving this story.

This first book by writer and documentary filmmaker Margot McCuaig was released in November 2013 and has just been edited by Thunderpoint again. It was part of the selection of books for the Polari First Book Prize 2014 which rewards writers for their first LGBT story.

"The birds That Never Flew" is available on amazon:


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