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Tuesday, 18 April 2017 23:41

Documentary book "North of the Border - Stories from the 'A Matter of Time' project" by Heather Faulkner testifies to the courage of lesbians in Queensland

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North of the Border


After six years of work, documentary maker and photographer Heather Faulkner released a book called "North of the Border - Stories from the 'A Matter of Time' project" about the courage of lesbian women in Queensland.

To better understand the importance of this project, Joh Bjelke-Petersen and his authoritarian and conservative government led Queensland for thirty years.

Many politicians of this government have been accused of corruption and imprisoned thereafter.

The LGBT community has enormously suffered all these years. For example, restaurants  and bars were not allowed to serve what they called "the deviants",  that is, the LGBT people but also the Aborigines.

The so-called "homophobic panic" law transformed a murder into mere manslaughter if the accused said he had suffered gay advances from the victim.

Now conditions for LGBTQ have improved but remain a tenuous arrangement.

"I love this state – do not get me wrong. I love Queensland to bits. I don’t want to live anywhere else in the world. But at that time [in the 1970s] we were four million years behind everything else, everyone else." - Lyn Fraser

"North of the Border - Stories from the 'A Matter of Time' project" is a documentary project with photographies and first-person narratives. The project began in 2008 when Heather and her partner Luisa moved to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland in Australia. They thought they would meet the LGBTQ community in the city quite easily as they had encountered in other cities.

They were struck to see that in fact, the LGBTQ community was far from visible in this state. Heather went to look for local LGBTQ women and only eight of them agreed to tell their stories and be photographed.

What is interesting in this book is both the photos and the testimonies. I find the photos rather mysterious and that really gives the desire to go to meet these women. Their testimonies make it possible to better understand their experiences, the difficulties they encountered and what it means to be a Queensland lesbian.

If you would like to meet these incredible women through 240 pages of photos and testimonials, I recommend Heather Faulkner's documentary book "North of the Border - Stories from the 'A Matter of Time' project" published by UWA Publishing and available for $34.99 here:


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