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Thursday, 24 August 2017 23:06

Fay Jacobs releases a new hilarious memoir entitled "Fried & Convicted, Rehoboth Beach Uncorked"

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Out author Fay Jacobs released a new book entitled "Fried & Convicted, Rehoboth Beach Uncorked". A new memoir which is provocative, political, occasionally heartwarming, and reliably hilarious.

Originally from New York and currently living in the Delaware resort town of Rehoboth Beach, Fay Jacobs first went through journalism before considering herself a writer. She says that the use of the term 'writer' came from the moment she began to write about her life as a lesbian.

"I really felt like a writer when I was able to bring all parts of my writer life together, coming out of the closet in print and being able to write about my life as a gay woman," she explains.

It is not necessary to have read the first four memoirs to read this one but I recommend them just as much.

"Fried & Convicted, Rehoboth Beach Uncorked" has been written over the past few years and stops on the election day of the 2016 presidential elections.

It evokes both the immense joy of gaining more LGBT rights and talks about Icelandic lagoons, Provincetown adventures and much ado about lesbians of a certain age. It tells a few harrowing personal stories, such as Bonnie’s unnerving medical diagnosis, the time Fay went kayaking with alligators, and how she came up with a public relations scheme to rescue her pal’s purloined pooch.

This book is hilarious and will make you have a great time.

So if you do not know Fay Jacobs and her series "Tales from Rehoboth Beach", I invite you to discover it. In addition, her books are now published by the queer company Bywater Books:

You can also buy it on Amazon too:


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