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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 00:40

The Lez Review - Interview with Author Teryn

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The world is filled with voices that are driven by the stories of their lives. Some choose to share their chaos with the world while others choose to remain silent and their story, no matter how poignant, inspirational, or thought provoking, dies with them. Be the Sun AgainBe the Sun Again by TerynTeryn, is one of those such stories written by a voice that I hope never chooses to remain silent.

For those of you who have yet to read Be the Sun AgainBe the Sun Again, or my review of the book a few weeks back, I encourage you to do so simply because your life will be less changed if you don’t and who doesn’t like change accept those who fear it.



“…to those that love me now and a few who have loved me in the past you feed me”

Anondra “Kat” Williams – Black Girl Love

From the acknowledgement I was drawn in. I wanted to know how the naysayers influenced her words. And then it began. Anondra “Kat” Williams, the author of Black Girl LoveBlack Girl Love, speaks in an exquisite tongue, delivering the reader to a verbal climax like no other.

Black Girl Love is a collection, of sorts, riddled with short stories and prose. Through her words I shared in her insecurities, her confidence, her loving heart, her anger, and even felt her spunk. It has always amazed me when a writer has the ability to exhibit their expertise in their craft versus those who struggle to express a thought borrowed from the minds of others.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011 17:09

Release Of 'Gay Treatment' Book Cancelled

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A few weeks ago, I had spoken to you about an author, Marion Heath, who had plan to release her book, Where is your brother?, which preaches the fact that Jesus can cure homosexuality, her publisher (pictured) decided to cancel it because LGBT activists plan to protest.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011 19:53

Our Word

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Writing is such a privilege. It’s an honour to have people read your words, thoughts, dreams, wishes. For some of us writing is easy; for others, not so much.  I don’t know if my love of writing stems from being brought up by a father who excelled in the english language or if it was my love of the written word since I was really small. Either way it’s always been a blessing in my life to be able to put words to paper.


Writers are of a rare breed cut from different areas of the same cloth. They fear, they hope, they doubt, and they give a part of themselves in every word they think to utter. Some die poor and live out their lives as rich ghosts while others make it big in life and die penniless.


The books that I read and the writers I speak to inspire me even after the dust has cleared and I think that’s what it means to be successful as a writer. When the world ends will they remember you? For the true writers out there we are not fueled by the need to roll around naked in a pile of money. It’s not about being famous. No, for most of us it is about cleansing our souls and releasing the lines that haunt us in the dreams of our dreams.

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