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Monday, 05 January 2015 23:02

For Christmas, Ugandan President Received A Book About Animal Homosexuality

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Animal Homosexuality book




Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has received a great Christmas gift since the German online dating site sent him a book on homosexuality.

President Museveni was extremely proud that his anti-gay law condemning homosexuals to prison was adopted in December 2013, he also organized a few months later a large anti-gay rally, pushing the population, especially children, to sing songs with anti-gay lyrics.

Currently working with the rest of government to restore this law which was miraculously repealed by a court last August, President Musevenie has received for Christmas a book on homosexuality in animals.

This book, "Biological Exuberance - Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity" was written by the Canadian biologist Bruce Bagemihland deals with homosexuality in more than 450 animal species, enough to demonstrate to President Museveni that homosexuality is not "against nature" as he keeps repeating.

According to Sexual Diversity, in an accompanying letter, the director of Gleichklang, Seksan Ammawat, and the psychologist Dr. Guido F. Gebauer point to the contradiction of regarding a sexual orientation as "unnatural" when it occurs in nature in both humans and animals.

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