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Tuesday, 22 March 2011 19:53

Our Word

Written by  Jax

Writing is such a privilege. It’s an honour to have people read your words, thoughts, dreams, wishes. For some of us writing is easy; for others, not so much. I don’t know if my love of writing stems from being brought up by a father who excelled in the english language or if it was my love of the written word since I was really small. Either way it’s always been a blessing in my life to be able to put words to paper.

For some the privilege of writing is illegal. It can get you arrested, or worse, thrown in jail. I try to count my blessings daily and freedom is one blessing I never forget. An article I ran across today on a U.K gay website shows that the thrill of writing and sharing can land a brave gal in the klink. There is a lesbian-centred website in China that boasts an online membership of 600,000!! The need for such a website is that big in Asia?? Apparently so. Thirty-two Chinese women were arrested for authoring over 80,000 erotica stories this past week and after being finger-printed and supposedly blood-tested they were released. I wonder what they have been charged with?? Titillating the masses of lesbians in China?? I really wanna read this website,,, and hope very much that it is in english! That’s enough erotica to keep a girl happy and content for a long time!! But I digress,,, it is beyond comprehension to us who are freedom-blessed to know that you can be arrested for putting words to paper. There are so many regimes around the globe that batter down our women, our sisters, that I chill at the thought of it. How can we help bring about change that brings our sister-society closer and provide relief for those that are trampled on?

The power of the word. We don’t realize how strong we can be until we do something that changes things for the better. I belong to several websites that advocate change, abhor injustice and fight to put things right for those marginalized and demonized. Take for example the website Truth Wins Out (TWO). The dude who runs it, Wayne Beson, has an uncanny ability to ferret out injustice and downright ignorance. Everyday I welcome his emails telling me about this wrong and that wrong that some in society are doing against a particular group. Every day I sign petitions, adding my voice to the many things that need to be righted in this world. It’s the least I can do as a free lesbian living in Canada. I talk about these wrongs with whomever will listen, hoping to rally support for those that so badly need it.

Apple had an app for their phones that trumpets the ex-gay movement,,you know,,all those people who feel we can be “cured” of our gayness, brought to our knees by our “sickness” and brought back into the loving graces of the straight society we have shunned and turned away from. TWO now has over 135,000 signatures on their petition and hopefully Apple will be swayed on the side of what is right and make plans to eliminate the app. Now I am very vocal about bullying, as, if you continue to read me every week, you will soon find out. I have no more use for a bully than I do for anti-jock-itch cream. The recent spotlight on bullying of gay and lesbian youth has been absolutely remarkable to me. I love how people are standing up to the very people that use to condemn and destroy and vilify and berate. When 135,000 strangers all ban together to stop a major corporation from causing significant emotional and physiological harm to a vulnerable part of society I absolutely rejoice. Our word, whether written or spoken carries such weight. Don’t even think one opinion doesn’t count. All of us should always have something to say about social injustice.

There is a beautiful 91 year old black woman name of Recy Taylor. Decades ago she was raped in Alabama by her white male neighbours who later confessed to doing so. None of them were ever charged or arrested. Finally after people started now speaking up about this type of injustice she finally got an apology from the system that failed to honour her as a human when she really needed it. If it hadn’t been for petitions being signed by regular folks, like us, nothing would ever get done. Ms Taylor would have died never knowing that so many people care about her. As a woman, a sister, a human she deserved at the very least that type of dignity. As women we are all sisters, whether gay or straight, no matter the hue of our skin, the places we are born, or the language we speak. We are sisters. We need to champion each other more, provide backbone where none can be found and keep us all upright on our collective feet. Our word is strength. Strength in numbers. Corrective rape of lesbians in Africa, female genital circumcision, sharia law condemning women to live under a patriarchal system, comfort women in World War Two…women have been suffering for eons and continue to suffer. If you can lend your name to a cause please do so. The inner strength you gain cannot be calculated. It is enormous, immense. We all have the power to bring about change. Let’s do it!

Rock and roll sisters!!



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