Tuesday, 01 March 2011 09:16

The Lez Review - Be the Sun Again by Teryn

Written by  Spoken Pandora

It is not often that I am speechless or find myself searching for words just to throw them away because they are not worthy to describe what I am feeling. Teryn, my gifted writer, you have stolen my words, captured my breath, and have me wanting to stay up late to write freely about all that has ever haunted me.

Teryn is the author of Be the Sun Again published by LM Inc. Be the Sun Again is the story of us all. I say this because with every page I found a piece of myself, pieces of my past lovers, and pieces of strangers that have whispered to me their prayers in my presence when they thought I wasn’t listening.

This book touches on a mother’s love or lack thereof, loving your-self, rape, self-inflicted abuse, trust issues, addiction to love issues, lies, deceit, crazy lesbians, flaming gays, and everything in between. I cried as I read. I literally had to tell myself that this was just a story and I was just reviewing it, but I couldn’t help but feel connected to the words I read.

 I don’t read books in one night. I mean I use to when I was younger but now I suffer from ADHD and I just can’t focus for long periods of time. But with this book I couldn’t put it down. It was like the first encounter with a new lover. I wanted to stay up all night, I wanted to share my bed with it, and I didn’t want to let it go.

So just what is this book about that I’m rambling on and on about? Shit, have I said everything yet?

In Be the Sun Again we follow Cicely from the womb through her adult life. Cicely shares her years of sexual abuse with us, her secret moments of cutting, her one night stands, her search for love, her disappointments, her believe and love in her GOD, wrong relationships with the right women and vice versa, starting over and over again, forgiveness, addiction, her first dungeon experience and that final moment when she becomes her own sun. (I did say everything early, right?)

As I write I am desperately trying to make sure that I capture the most important parts but it is so hard to focus on just one thing because this is truly a good read from cover to cover. While reading I crossed my legs in remembrance of the first time I was inappropriately touched. I cried in remembrance of those moments that I searched for love so damn hard. My heart ached in memory of the women that I fell in love with the first night. I became aroused remembering my first and my “different”.

As a writer I know the struggle we go through to write that perfect line or complete that story. I know sleepless nights and the taste of coffee that’s been reheated several times. As I read Teryn’s work I wondered her plight. I wanted to know why she wrote this, where her inspiration came from, how long it took her to write it, and everything else that pertained to the completion of this book. And this is why Be the Sun Again is a great read. Teryn touches you beyond the words she writes and makes you want to know more. This author has managed to seduce this reader to the point that I want to know the person behind the words.

Most importantly Teryn’s work allowed me to look in my personal mirror and admit my truth.

I don’t know if pieces of her are contained in these pages but I will be making a point to reach out to Teryn to discuss this beautiful gift that she possesses.

Teryn thank you for writing Be the Sun Again, helping me face myself, comforting me through words, and letting me know that I will be okay. As a writer, a lesbian, a mother, a lover, a child of God, and a worthy addition to this place we call earth…I will truly be okay.

If you have not had the pleasure of reading this book please buy it from the LM Writes website or on Amazon. To learn more about Teryn please check out her website . I look forward to reading more of her work and reviewing it in this column, The Lez Review.

Thank you for joining me once again….