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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 14:45

The Lez Review - Black Girl Love by Anondra Kat Williams

Written by  Spoken Pandora



“…to those that love me now and a few who have loved me in the past you feed me”

Anondra “Kat” Williams – Black Girl Love

From the acknowledgement I was drawn in. I wanted to know how the naysayers influenced her words. And then it began. Anondra “Kat” Williams, the author of Black Girl Love, speaks in an exquisite tongue, delivering the reader to a verbal climax like no other.

Black Girl Love is a collection, of sorts, riddled with short stories and prose. Through her words I shared in her insecurities, her confidence, her loving heart, her anger, and even felt her spunk. It has always amazed me when a writer has the ability to exhibit their expertise in their craft versus those who struggle to express a thought borrowed from the minds of others.

I have said it once and I will say it again, everyone writes but not all are writers. It takes more than a lesson in proper grammar, a new pen, and fresh paper to be able to create a masterpiece. It takes heart and the strength to fight through doubt and adversity. As I read Anondra’s words I wondered what she had faced and how many “no’s” she encountered before she gave the proverbial finger and declared to keep on going despite.

Within the pages of Black Girl Love we encounter a realness that not every story has. The reader is not bludgeoned to death by complex words that only a professor can decipher. This writer did not hide behind a curtain of fluff. Sometimes when you read, you just want to know that the characters are simply angry, you want to feel the awkwardness, you want to share in the tears, and you want to be able to taste the coffee that lingers on the lips of one of the characters without having to fight through a wall of falsities.

Black Girl Love took me back to the feeling of love in its most pure of forms. I needed to remember…be reminded…taken back…brought forth…swept off my feet…seduced. And she did it. This writer was able to slip inside of my head and walk around as if it was her second home.

Buddies, one of the shorts in the book made me smile as I read it. In a few pages we experience the makings of a plan and how not everything can be planned. The story speaks of the simple need for companionship and an arrangement that leads to more. It’s not what you expect, then again maybe it will be, but I truly doubt it. What I enjoyed about this story the most was that the writer planted a seed that grew as I saw fit. Anondra “Kat” Williams left off with a sentence that led me into a daydream of a grand scheme. She spoke of scents and I smelled my interpretation of them. I giggled as I thought her characters did while they lay in the bed. I understood a bit more about the essence of Black Girl Love. And I must say this, I licked my finger too “Kat” hoping to taste the Shea butter…

Decisions, took me back to the moment I learned my ex-partners secret. Lifetime brought tears to my eyes that I am still fighting. The piece entitled Hungry had me reliving my past. Breaking reminded me of that time I realized that break up sex was the best and that it hurt when she left but that too was for the best. Bruises made me smile. In the beginning of the story I saw myself, remembering a bad time in my life, and then I laughed aloud and thanked the Lord above for literary freedom – I love a good twist. One of my favorite shorts had to be Trying; the result if Lifetime and Snapped had a baby.

There is a reason why I used short and simple recaps of the first few pages of Black Girl Love. It is because this book is rampant with scenarios that anyone can relate to and Anondra “Kat” Williams found a way to tap into every reader and manipulate their emotions in a short amount of time, repeatedly. And she did this by telling true to life stories that could be the tale of any of us.

I think that it is easier to write one book that revolves around a set storyline, than it is to write a book with short stories and poetry that take you on an emotional roller coaster each and every time. Moments are culprits of taking your breath away. They come and go; little fleeting moments of indiscretions I call them. Black Girl Love bypasses the moments and takes away your air.

Black Girl Love explores the realms of love from every perspective. Thirty years from now if someone was to ask how do lesbians love, they could pick up this book and take a glimpse into every aspect of the way we love and by the end they would feel full. There are stories of stalkers, lovers, abusers, professionals, cheaters, liars, closet lesbians, death, and the living in this work.

How does a lesbian love? In every way imaginable and I am thankful to “Kat” for successfully capturing the varied ways we love.

It is ironic to me how this collection of work is written by a lady whom is a Jill of all trades. In the near future I will be sitting down with “Kat” to dig deep into her world and pick her brain a part. In the mean time you can find out more about Anondra “Kat” Williams by buying her book Black Girl Love, checking out her website, visiting Shades Retreat – her vision materialized that arms women with the strength and knowledge to persevere, her social networking site for artists of all genres Lesbian Memoirs, and/or tuning into her radio show Sippin On Ink. (I did say a lady of many talents, didn’t I?)

Thank you for joining me once again as I a review this internally beautiful author who was able to capture the essence of lesbian love in one book.


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