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Sunday, 16 March 2014 03:22

The Lez Review - "Coffee Breaks" By Eva Reddy

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Coffee Breaks Eva Reddy


"Coffee Breaks" is a book that takes us into the lesbian erotic art.

Eva Reddy

By author Eva Reddy, "Coffee Breaks" tells the story of two women, Mathilda and Chase, an entrepreneur and her sex worker.

They met one day over a cup of coffee, they are attracted to each other and very quickly, their bodies intertwined.

But "Coffee Breaks" is not simply a story on short-time meetings between these two women, the book retains surprises and other characters appear challenging the irresistible desire to continue reading this book as soon as possible to know what happened in the story of Chase and Mathilda.

Page after page, position after position, be prepared to leave your crushing blow with the heart.

"Coffee Breaks", the hottest book I've had the opportunity to read is available on Amazon: Eva-Reddy

For more information about Eva Reddy, visit her website:

She is also on Twitter: @EvaReddyBooks

Photo credit: Eva Reddy


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