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Monday, 02 June 2014 00:27

The Lez Review - Finding The Grain By Wynn Malone

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Finding the Grain


“Finding The Grain”, by the author Wynn Malone, is the story of a reconstruction after several dramas, the development of a young woman who must continue her life without her parents, then without the woman whom she loves.


Malone wrote a book filled with smiles and tears, a moving story in which one plunges with pleasure as of the first pages.

One confronts oneself with the hardness of the life but also with the reconstruction of a woman, Augusta “Blue” Riley, who will finally find her niche as well as love, before losing it, for, perhaps, to find best again.

"I wanted to explore her [Blue Riley] life, and the relationships that affected and formed her life. As the characters in the book began to form, I got interested in their stories too, how they learned from each other, whether good or bad. I also wanted to explore how surrounding landscape affected the characters. I think the landscapes that surround us affect us in ways we may or may not realize, so I wanted to explore a bit about that, too," Wynn malone told me.

“Finding The Grain” tells the story of Augusta “Blue” Riley who, following the death of her parents, must give up the family farm in Alabama to join her aunt and to enter to the college of North Carolina. One day, she meets Grace Lancaster. The two young girls fall in love but their relationship must remain secret because of Grace's family and her adhesion to the sorority girls.

After a moment, Grace cannot support to lie and to hide anymore and succumbs to her family pressure. She then puts an end to her relationship with Blue whose life crumbles again. Blue will spend twenty years to be rebuilt, passing from a city to another and a woman to another until the day when she meets a farmer and his wife in Mississippi.

Surrounded and supported by this couple, she learns how to work wood. Blue feels to live again. She finally returns to North Carolina where she settles herself as a craftswoman. And then, one day, Grace is there…

The story and the characters are marvelously described, giving us the impression to know them. I liked much the way in which Blue evolves. I liked to see this character getting through it. I liked to follow this love story and its evolution over several years.

Yes, I liked this book and I recommend it to you!

“Finding the Grain”, published by Bywater Books, is available on Amazon:

Photo credit: Bywater Books and Wynn Malone


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