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Friday, 18 March 2011 22:31

The Lez Review - Interview with Author Dee Renee Smith

Written by  Spoken Pandora



Writers are of a rare breed cut from different areas of the same cloth. They fear, they hope, they doubt, and they give a part of themselves in every word they think to utter. Some die poor and live out their lives as rich ghosts while others make it big in life and die penniless.

The books that I read and the writers I speak to inspire me even after the dust has cleared and I think that’s what it means to be successful as a writer. When the world ends will they remember you? For the true writers out there we are not fueled by the need to roll around naked in a pile of money. It’s not about being famous. No, for most of us it is about cleansing our souls and releasing the lines that haunt us in the dreams of our dreams.

I enjoy writing this column because I get the opportunity to speak with all types of people. Maybe through them I hope to hear something that makes me pick up my pen just one more time before I vow to give up. Sometimes in them I am pushed to open another pack of cigs and attempt to conquer the white pages that laugh at me.

Hell I’m not sure what it is. But I do know that we are not alone and we all go through the same thing. Our writing differs only because we process our trials and tribulations differently.

Tonight I have the pleasure of sharing with you the interview of Dee Renee Smith, the very talented writer of the poetic masterpiece, A Pouring Through, published by LM Inc.

Why do you write?

DRS: I write because it’s my favorite form of expression and the easiest way that I can express myself.

When I asked Dee Renee Smith when she first started writing she conveyed to me that in the beginning she wrote song lyrics and didn’t really see the correlation between writing poetry and music. Her lyrics conformed to the melodies she heard. It wasn’t until the end of high school when she began preparing for college that she discovered the wonderful world of poetry. Through her studies and research she uncovered other writers and began to use the art- form as a better way to express the emotions she was going through. She wrote song lyrics for a year and still does it from time to time but focuses more on the poetic aspect of it.

Dee Renee describes her writing style as her own personal “sing-song”. When she expresses herself she tries to capture every line in a way that allows the reader to feel her every breath in the words they take in. As she pauses she wants the reader to do the same and in turn be in-synch with her and the emotions she is trying to convey.

Although A Pouring Through is her first major book release she wants to try her hand at writing novels and short stories. I think it is natural for every writer to branch out and I commend this poet for broadening her skill set and challenging her abilities. Not everyone who writes is a writer and not every writer knows how to write. What separates us is that gnawing that eats away at our insides forcing us to release regardless of what we have or haven’t done before. Dee Renee is determined to become a skilled novelist who creates well developed characters and finishes every chapter just as strong as it begins

How do you handle rejection?

DRS: Rejection is disheartening but you have to remember why you are writing in the first place. Sometimes I have to step back and take a deep breath. There will always be someone who doesn’t like your work. But you don’t write for them. You write for yourself and hope that in the process someone can identify with what you are trying to convey. I write because it is fulfilling and not for the money. I am still getting use to the acknowledgement I am getting for A Pouring Through and it makes me smile anytime someone spends their hard earned money on my book. It’s a privilege to be added to their book collection.

Dee Renee admits to being selfish in her writing and reveals that she ultimately writes for herself. For her it is a cleansing and releasing act. I will go out on a limb and say that we as writers are all selfish to a point. We write to free ourselves, we share to inspire, teach, and/or instruct. It is an added bonus for someone to identify with our work.

When I asked Dee Renee Smith if she considered herself a writer it was a trick question and one that I struggle with every-day. It was nice to pose the question to a fellow writer and get their opinion.

Do you consider yourself a writer?

DRS: (Laughing at first and then silence) At first I didn’t consider myself a writer because I didn’t consider poetry writing. It was a cleansing process personal to me. I always thought of writing as informative or entertaining and my writing was a tool to make me feel better. When I write longer works I feel like a writer. I just recently started putting the label of writer and poet together.

Sounds like a writer to me… Writers are another type of beast. They see, breath, taste, and live through and within words. In their head it all makes sense while they struggle with the possibility of their work not making sense to others. I chose to interview Dee Renee Smith after reading A Pouring Through, her poetic verse allowed me to see and feel her thoughts through her eyes.

Writing is a gift. Whether you become famous or die poor like my English Professor told me I would, you are a part of something that not everyone can handle. The life of a writer is hard. Emotion coupled with fear can sometimes be crippling. But for most of us we use it as inspiration to create the next masterpiece. I thank Dee Renee Smith for creating and taking those breaths while stepping back but returning to finish what she started.

Dee would like to thank her publishing company LM Writes, Lesbian Memoirs, and God for making this possible and helping her to share her gift. And for anyone out there who feels discourage, Dee Renee says take a step back and remember why you do it. Thanks Dee, I will do just that.

Thank you to Dee Renee Smith for sitting down to speak with me and for LM Writes for rounding up some of the best lesbian writers of our time. Stay tune I have more to come….see you in two weeks.

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‘Til we meet again, keep writing and chasing rainbows…


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