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Tuesday, 15 February 2011 06:41

The Lez Review - Interview with Author M Genius

Written by  Spoken Pandora



I could stand up on my soap box and preach about the responsibilities we have as lesbians to guide one another and fill the void that society has drilled in our community.

However it's kind of cold up here and I've run out of cigarettes so I need to go to the store...

Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking with the author of Success With Femmes for Studs, by M Genius.

Of course I read her book before I interviewed her, but I didn't read the book because I was asked to. I mean how often do you come across a book on lesbian dating and social media sites by a lesbian for lesbians. Even beyond that, when was the last time you read a book that called lesbians out by the labels we either hide behind, run from, or lovingly embrace.

Needless to say I started reading it because the concept was not only interesting but different and I wanted to find out what this self-proclaimed genius thought she knew about the world us femmes lived in.

It turned out that she knew a lot. And not just about femmes but about the world of cyber space as it relates to dating and everything else in between. And the question I always ask:


What Makes This Book So Special???

Everything. As a lesbian woman who identifies as a "femme" I couldn't help but think how on point M Genius was as she described what femmes were looking for and how "studs" should approach us. She made dating fun from the first page. I laughed, hell I died with laughter, but behind the laughter my hairs stood up on my neck because she had managed to tap into the "truth"; something rarely seen in our community.

We have counselors for abuse, aids, addictions, etc. for those among us, but when was the last time you read a book that specifically talked to us about our relationships before the arguing, before the abuse, before the everything. M Genius managed to document the dating process, tried it, and then wrapped it up to share with us in a book, for FREE. Yes I said it her book is FREE! I had to talk to her.

I wanted to know why she wrote the book. Obviously not for profit and she doesn't consider herself a writer so why?

M Genius wrote the book because there was a need for it. Because she had actually taken the time to study dating and explore what worked and didn’t work. Because she thought it was time that someone wrote a book that pointed out the key elements that are sometimes missed when pursuing the opposite "sex". (You know what I mean *wink*)

One key thing that she said to me was that society is not practical for lesbian dating, which is why we may choose to pursue online. Online dating is the "in" thing now. However one good point M Genius mentioned was that being on-line allows for you to gather loads of information on the person you are considering dating.

In her book she explores what femme's look for in a "stud" and gives "studs" the confidence to channel their inner dominance and be what a feminine woman looks for. Three points she mentioned about internet dating were:

1. Have Fun

2. Be Social

3. Be Open and Honest*

(* In regards to what you are looking for and what brought you there)

The thing is, we all think we know the right way to date and pursue. But how many of us actually take the time to analyze our dating habits and work on our areas of fault or develop our best "moves'.

In 5 years the only thing M Genius thinks will change about what she has written in the book, is that the social networks will have changed but the principles will hold true.

She feels that it is important for "studs" to know how to act, to reach out for help, and what it means to be a "stud".

Okay so the one thing that really intrigued me was that more feminine women have read this book than those who identify as "studs". Some think that this book will help verdict is out on that. But what I do like is her goal to reach 100 stud labeled women who will take her words to heart.

M Genius would like to see "studs" stand up and except their masculinity and build upon that. (Me too M

Look, everyone won't get this book. But for those who take the time to they will definitely identify.

M Genius is the CEO of SVF Media, a social media and internet marketing company and creator of Studs vs Femmes Radio on and a columnist on

She is working on a few relationship counseling endeavors, outlets for lesbian writers, and building her lesbian marketing empire, amongst other things.

So why read this book.....simple. No one else has written a book like this. M Genius truly wants to do what she can to help our lesbian community. She sees the issues that plague our community and wants to put an end to it. How long do we want to be the butt of all of the lesbian jokes? You know them, "What does a lesbian bring to a second date?" ....shall I go on?

M Genius wants to be a part of the solution...Pick up Success With Femmes For Studs...You won't be disappointed


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